5 Best Keto Diet Apps to Keep Your Diet on Track

Written by Jess Pingrey
on July 29, 2019

Whenever you are starting a new diet to improve your health, there can be a lot to get used to–especially with all types of low carb diets. You have to learn new rules an stick to them! In particular, when you're following a ketogenic diet, there are quite a few things to consider–tracking your carbs, getting to ketosis and staying there, and remembering what foods are allowed in each stage of the diet. 

Fortunately, technology can help anyone manage their keto diet with mobile apps. However, if you do a google search for keto apps, you will probably feel overwhelmed with the variety of choices. That's why we'eve compiled the five best keto apps currently available. Here are the best keto apps you can download today–we recommend trying out a few to discover which one works best for you.

1. Carb Manager

Best Keto Diet App - CarbManager

The Carb Manager app has the overall goal of making keto, paleo, or any low-carb macro tracking diet easy for anyone. The app has many features but also offers a simple user interface that even keto dieters who aren't all that smartphone-savvy can navigate.

 Download the app to try out their features, such as:

  • Over one million foods with verified carb counts to keep you on track 
  • A daily log to record your diet and exercise
  • The ability to set goals for your net carbs, macros, and weight loss 
  • A robust product barcode scanner
  • A database of over 100 exercises and workouts 
  • BMI and weight-tracking with easy-to-read charts, so you can see trends over time 
  • The ability to create and save custom recipes or meals
  • Access to informative keto articles
  • Feedback and advice from the Carb Manager support community

Even better, you can snap a picture of your food an log it instantly with their AI component. You can also "voice log" your meals by tapping a button and saying what you ate to add it to your food log. 

Price: Free, but the Premium service starts at $3.34 per month when billed annually. That's a solid deal for a plan that offers unique features such as unlimited voice logging and snapping pictures to instantly record every meal. The premium plan also offers additional extras such as curated meal plans, a smart meal planner, importing recipes from websites, SmartMacros to adjust your macro goals as you lose weight, and an array of reports including projection, streaks, benchmarks–and a lot more!

2. Keto Diet App

Top Keto Diet App - KetoDietApp

This app for keto dieters is available for iPads and both iPhone and Android phones. It allows you to track your calories, macros, monitor your weight loss progress, and access a robust database of over 350 keto-friendly recipes that are regularly updated. 

Here's a rundown of their top features: 

  • Create your low-carb diet plan and shopping list within the app with their meal and snack recipes, your custom meals, and restaurant meals. 
  • Scan barcodes to instantly get nutrition information for pre-packaged foods. 
  • Access detailed nutrition facts, and adjust serving sizes
  • Save your favorite recipes so you can easily find them in the app later.
  • Set custom carb and net carb limits or goals
  • Use the built-in keto calculator to figure out how many macronutrients you should consume. 
  • Track your weight loss, body fat, measurements, water intake, mood, blood, urine, or blood ketones, blood glucose, and blood lipids so you can easily view your progress over time. 

Price: A one-time cost of $8.99 for iPhone/iPad users and $6.99 for Android users. There is also a basic version for $3.99 that doesn't include the planning and tracking features.

3. MyFitnessPal

Best Keto Diet App - MyFitnessPal

While this popular diet app isn't exclusive to the keto diet, it can be tailored to work quite well for nearly every diet and is very comprehensive. In fact, it's been rated as the #1 Health and Fitness app four years in a row and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA today, and more. 

Here are the main features that make it an excellent choice: 

  • Access to a broad food database of over six million foods
  • An excellent barcode scanner to log over four million recognized barcodes
  • The ability to import your own favorite recipes into their database and instantly log food items from your favorite restaurants
  • Access to their calorie trackers to automatically generate nutrition information from meals and snacks
  • Reminders to log your water intake in cups or ounces
  • The ability to create goals or let the app develop a custom plan for you 

With this app, you also have the option to track your activity and exercise. MyFitnessPal can sync with over 50 apps and devices and includes over 350 exercises in the app. Finally, the app features a support community to help keep you motivated with tips and advice and offers progress reports to track your diet and fitness goals. 

Price: The basic version is free to use MyFitnessPal Premium is $9.99/month or $49.99 per year paid up front. For keto dieters, it may be a worthy investment because it has the ability to set custom macros by gram or percentage, offers a food analysis, and view a macro breakdown for every meal. Plus, it's ads-free!  

4. Total Keto Diet

Top Keto Diet App - TotalKetoDiet

This app is a great choice for those just starting a keto diet– or those who don't want to pay for an app. Total Keto Diet is made by Tasteaholics. com, a well-known website for keto tips, low carb recipes, and more. 

Download the app to explore:

  • Hundreds of keto-friendly recipes and keto diet articles–with more added weekly 
  • Shopping lists to make creating your meal plan easier 
  • Access to their keto calculator to track over 500,000 macros– as well as your carbs, net carbs, and calories
  • The favorites section, where you can easily bookmark your favorite keto recipes or save your own.
  • The Beginner's Keto Diet Guide, where you can learn all you need to know about getting started with a keto diet

Price: Free

5. Senza

Top Keto Diet App - Senza

This is an elegant app with a sharp user experience that is an excellent choice for keto beginners. When you log in, it guides you through a five-day step-by-step process for transitioning into a keto diet, teaching you about electrolytes, macros, and the right food choices. Senza's robust feature set includes: 

  • A food journal to track your net carbs
  • A barcode scanner and restaurant menu nutritional information 
  • A database with nutritional information for hundreds of keto-friendly foods
  • New food suggestions every day–simply pick the ones you like and incorporate them into your meal plan
  • The ability to find restaurants with low carb meals near you
  • Live coaches to help you plan for success
  • Glucose and ketone trackers 
  • A keto macro calculator

Price: Free

The Bottom Line

Transitioning to a keto diet is a major health and lifestyle change that can be tricky–especially at first. Using a keto diet app is a great way to help you stay on track, achieve and maintain ketosis, and reach your health and wellness goals. 

If you're pressed for time like many folks are these days, you could consider delegating some of your work to a virtual assistant, so you can get your virtual tracking of your diet and nutrition greater focus as well! There's no excuses for not having enough time these days!

Committing to a ketogenic is an excellent choice for people looking to lose weight, increasing HDL "good" and decreasing LDL "bad" cholesterol levels, reducing blood sugar and insulin levels, improving heart health, increasing energy levels–and more. 

Try out one of these recommended ketos apps today to support your efforts along the way! 

Author: Jess Pingrey

Published:  July 29, 2019

Updated:  August 13, 2019

Jess is a guest contributor for SuperFat, she has been featured on other keto, health, & wellness sites like ketohq.com, therunexperience.com, fitsmallbusiness.com, and kettleandfire.com.

Written by Jess Pingrey

Published: July 29, 2019