Best Keto Diet Picnic Ideas of 2021

Written by Amanda Druhan
on May 21, 2019

Spring is finally here, so it is time to get out into the nice weather. A simple way to get outdoors is with a picnic! First off, you need to get together the essentials: a picnic basket and a large blanket. For some entertainment you may want to pack a deck of cards, some travel-size board games, or a good book. Lastly, you'll want to pack up from yummy keto-friendly foods to munch on. Many of the foods can go right in your picnic basket, but for some you'll want a small cooler.

Picnic Snacks

Here are some quick grab-and-go options to keep you satiated and fueled throughout your afternoon outdoors. Whether starting a picnic off, or having a small bite before or after - these options will let you keep it keto, and stave off hunger.


1) Mixed nuts – pecans, Brazil nuts, & macadamia nuts are the lowest carb options for nuts

    2) Pepperoni slices are a simple snack you can pickup and have in resealable packaging.


      3) Homemade Kale Chips (full recipe)

      Ingredients include: fresh kale thick stalks removed, olive oil, smoked paprika, salt, shredded Parmesan cheese

      4) Olives

        5) Cheese

          6) Hard boiled eggs

            7) Mixed berries. Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries would be good options - just don't overdo it and be mindful of the sugar content (recipe option here)

            8) Zucchini, broccoli, and cucumber with ranch dip (full recipe here)

              Ingredients: mayonnaise, crème fraîche or sour cream, ranch seasoning


              Picnic Meals

              These are options that will take some time and preparation, but are well worth it and still picnic friendly, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors and stick to your diet.

              1) BLT Lettuce Wraps (full recipe here)

                Ingredients: cooked bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise (optional), avocado (optional)

                2) Chicken and Avacado Salad (full recipe here)

                  Ingredients: shredded cooked chicken, shredded into large pieces, avocados, lime juice, salt, green onion, fresh cilantro, mayonnaise

                  3) Bacon Cheddar Broccoli Salad (full recipe here)

                    Ingredients: fresh broccoli, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, stevia, cooked no-sugar bacon, cheddar cheese, onion (optional), roasted sunflower seeds (optional)

                    4) Caprese Salad (full recipe here)

                      Ingredients: pearl size mozzarella, grape tomatoes, basil leaves, olive oil, salt, pepper

                      5) Rotisserie Chicken (full recipe here)

                        Ingredients: whole chicken, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, salt pepper

                        *Alternative option: pick up a pre-made rotisserie chicken from the grocery store! Just make sure to check that labeled that a high-sugar sauce isn’t on the chicken!

                        Picnic Desserts

                        These items will have some more preparation required, but are good to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings and reward yourself for sticking to your diet during the day out!

                        1) Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies (full recipe here)

                          Ingredients: butter, heavy cream, vanilla extract, almond flour, kosher salt, Swerve Keto-friendly sugar, dark chocolate chips

                          2) No-Bake Lemon Strawberry Cheesecake Treats (full recipe here)

                            Ingredients: cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, Swerve Keto-friendly sugar, lemon extra, zest of lemon, strawberries

                            3) Flour-less Keto Brownies (full recipe here)

                              Ingredients: low-carb milk chocolate, butter, eggs, Swerve Keto-friendly sugar, mascarpone cheese, unsweetened cocoa powder, salt 

                              Picnic Beverages

                              Water is great, but if you're looking for something a bit more refreshing, here are a few alternatives to bring along to mix it up.

                              1) Iced Tea – unsweetened or make sure to sweeten with a Keto-friendly sweetener

                              2) Red Wine

                                3) White Wine

                                  *Avoid dessert wines – the drier the wine, the less sugar.

                                  More information on wines is available here.


                                  Hopefully with some preparation and focus you'll be able to have a wonderful picnic, enjoy the great outdoors, and stick to your diet all in the same day!



                                  Written by Amanda Druhan

                                  Published: 5/21/2019

                                  Updated: 3/4/2021

                                  Written by Amanda Druhan

                                  Published: May 21, 2019