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Looking for a new keto snack? Something homemade? Store-bought? Maybe you're looking for gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free items? We've got you covered!

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Read ourKeto Diet for Beginners Guide

Keto. It’s a popular dietary trend these days but what’s all the fuss about? Are all these people eating more fats really losing weight and becoming healthier... Or is it just a flash in the pan? The keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet that has substantial research supporting its use for many diseases and challenges such as obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, cancer, and more.

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Read ourGuide to the Best Nuts and Seeds for Keto

If you like nuts and you're following a ketogenic diet, you're in luck! They can be a vital part of a keto lifestyle–but you have to choose the right kind. Nuts are typically high in protein and the good kind of fat, but some have more net carbs than others. As you might expect, nuts with the lowest carb count are the most suitable choices on a keto diet. In addition, the higher the fiber count of the nut or seed, the better it is for a low carb diet.

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Read ourPaleo Diet for Beginners Guide

The Paleo Diet has taken the world by storm over the last decade. But to say the Paleo lifestyle is a new way of eating is to completely misunderstand the very meaning of the word. Paleo stands for Paleolithic which means ‘old stone age’. So, Paleo eating is simply imitating a diet similar to our oldest ancestors.

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Read ourArticle on Whether Dogs Can Eat Macadamia Nuts

Ever adventurous and optimistic, dogs are down to eat pretty much anything. In fact, given the chance, they will gobble down your dish of macadamia nuts faster than you can stop them — leaving you wondering, “Can dogs eat macadamia nuts?”

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Grain-Free Macadamia Granola Recipe

ingredient:collagen ingredient:keto coffee mealtime:breakfast mealtime:sides serving:5 servings time:13 Minutes

Grain-Free Macadamia Granola Recipe

Simply pulse and toast your favorite nuts with a touch of cinnamon and sweetness to get all the comforting crunch of granola without the grains.

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