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Nut Nutrition 101: Almond Butter Vs Peanut Butter

You know that nut butter is good for your health. Possibly, you already have a cupboard stuffed full of choices. Yet, when you open it, you have that nagging feeling that you’re not … quite … sure which one is the best option.

Not good. You need to have a go-to nut butter you feel good about, period, and that means understanding the choice between almond butter vs peanut butter. This is especially important when you’re feeding it to your kiddos or training for a big race and need to be in tiptop shape. The good news is that we’re here to shake things out for you so you never have to wonder again. Here’s a quick breakdown of peanut and almond butter so you can mark the smarter choice and tell your friends!

Nutritional Profile

Almond butter scores higher than peanut butter on a number of rankings:

  • Higher amino acid profile, at 66 to 52
  • Slightly lower carbohydrate levels
  • Significant source of vitamin E (peanut butter contains none)
  • Much better omega-3 to omega-6 ratio

Also, peanut butter is less likely to have additional proteins, fats and other healthy ingredients. Because it’s such a standardized food, you can’t get those extra nutrients such as sunflower protein, coconut oil and MCT fat, which keep you full a lot longer. That means more nutrition for the same amount of calories, a boon that peanut butter just doesn’t offer.

Additional Ingredients

Since peanut butter is made for an audience that's less health-conscious and often younger, its additives are not as beneficial as those in almond butter. Not by a long shot, in fact. Like all nut butters, peanut butter tends to separate. Because it’s usually billed as a no-fuss, kid-friendly option, many consumers are intolerant of the separation, which means that peanut butter is often combined with palm oil. That’s not good, because while the emulsifier does keep peanut butter smooth and staves off separation, it is a saturated fat. Peanut butter is also frequently combined with sugar (and its heart-unhealthy cousins, such as cane syrup, brown rice syrup, dextrose and corn syrup).

Almond butter, on the other hand, is delicious on its own — no oil or sugar is needed. Many consumers, however, still want that creaminess and sweetness. Not a problem: Additional ingredients such as coconut oil, which is a heart-healthy emulsifier, and stevia, a zero-calorie sweetener, handle that neatly. Add in omega-3 fatty acids, MCT fats, probiotics, and seasonings such as cacao and Himalayan sea salt, and you’ve got yourself a snack beyond compare.


Peanut butter, without question, has a stronger flavor than almond butter. However, almond butter has a nutty sweetness when eaten plain or lightly flavored with other ingredients, and it blends seamlessly into a variety of foods. Think shakes and smoothies, cream cheese dip, sauces for Asian foods, and an extra punch at "granola o’clock." It even works well in tropical or green smoothies when you really want other flavors to stand out, happily relinquishing center stage to the stars of the show.

Peanut butter, on the other hand, is much harder to disguise. Its flavor tends to come through no matter what you put it in, and while sometimes that’s a plus (we’re not immune to a peanut butter cookie or two), it’s often not what you want when it comes to a protein-packed punch. For versatility, the almond route is the way to go.

Flavor Options

Peanut butter tends to go in one direction: creamy or crunchy plus sweetness. Almond butter, on the other hand, has a wealth of flavoring options that people have come to love. From chocolate to coffee, cinnamon to plain ol’ lightly salted goodness, almond butter offers a flavor for every mood. Plus, our specialty nut butters are blended with macadamia nuts, offering a buttery flavor that peanuts just can’t match, no matter how creamy they get. In the choice between nut butter vs peanut butter, nut butter gets the win every time.

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This article was written by: Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore is a freelance writer and health nut (no pun intended). With a master's degree from the Medill School of Journalism and a Fitness and Nutrition certification, she specializes in nutrition, science and medical writing, and loves applying the hot laser of truth to foodie topics of all kinds. When she's not writing furiously, you can find her cooking with whole ingredients or spending time with her family.


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