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Keto for Vegans: What to Focus on and What to Avoid

If you're like most people who've heard of keto, you may associate this weight loss program with plates full of beef, bacon and butter. This stereotypical ketogenic diet really takes to heart the idea of "eat fat to lose fat"; right?  The truth is, a ketogenic diet done right actually looks (and tastes!) healthy. It includes a balanced spectrum of whole foods, including nuts and seeds, vegetables, a small amount of fruit, and high-quality animal products, including meat, eggs, fish, poultry, shellfish and dairy.  You'll notice, however, that a typically well-rounded and healthy keto diet is still rich in animal protein and animal...

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6 Healthy Almond Butter Snack Recipes to Try Today

Life is fast-paced and demanding, and you don’t always have time for that homemade poke bowl you’ve been dreaming of all day. Just because you can’t get gourmet, though, doesn’t mean you have to skip wellness altogether. Instead, you need to cultivate a go-to repertoire of healthy bites to keep you fueled and happy – rain or shine, day or night, at home or on the go. Without further ado, here are six healthy almond butter snacks to rev your engines and please your taste buds today. 1. Almond Butter Banana Smoothie As far as healthy recipes go, this one is a shoo-in. It’s fast,...

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Everything to Know About Keto Flu

Got an Instagram account or a television? Then you've probably noticed how the keto diet is taking the health and fitness world by storm these days. We'll argue this is for good reason. The ketogenic diet—which comprises high-fat, low-carb and moderate protein foods—has decades of research backing its safety and efficacy for helping people lose weight, improve blood lipid profiles, maximize energy and mental focus, and even manage drug-resistant epilepsy.1,2,3 But as effective and beneficial as keto is, there are aspects of this diet that aren't quite as, well, awesome, for lack of a better term. Take keto flu, for instance. In this article,...

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Nut Nutrition 101: Almond Butter Vs Peanut Butter

You know that nut butter is good for your health. Possibly, you already have a cupboard stuffed full of choices. Yet, when you open it, you have that nagging feeling that you’re not … quite … sure which one is the best option. Not good. You need to have a go-to nut butter you feel good about, period, and that means understanding the choice between almond butter vs peanut butter. This is especially important when you’re feeding it to your kiddos or training for a big race and need to be in tiptop shape. The good news is that we’re...

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Health Benefits of Cacao

This article was medically reviewed by Natalie Butler, RDN, LD. Cacao is the name given to both a tree and the fruit which it bears. The Theobroma cacao tree, native to South America, produces the cacao bean. Even though the fruit is sometimes referred to as the cocoa bean, there are some differences between cacao and cocoa. The theodroma cacao tree produces seed pods. The seeds inside these pods are called cacao beans. They can be eaten raw but have a bitter taste. The processing of the seed determines whether it remains as cacao or becomes the more refined cocoa. The purer...

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