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SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)

SuperFat Original Macadamia Almond Nut Butter - (Box of 10)

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Macadamia and almond nut butter packed with plant-based fats for deliciously creamy super fuel to support metabolism and brain function.

INGREDIENTS Macadamia Nuts, Almonds, Pink Himalayan Salt

Nutritional highlights
22g Plant-based fats
5g Protein
3g Net Carbs
5g Fiber
2g Sugars (no added sugars)




“These travel-friendly nut butter packages are packed with protein and good-for-you fats that are scientifically proven to be healthy. Snack guilt-free on the go” WOMENS'S HEALTH MAGAZINE


"We're very into this blend of plant protein, macadamia butter, and almond butter as a midday boost when we're eating low carb." BRIT+CO


"SuperFat nut butters are amazing! I use them post workouts and during the game. I take them everywhere!" @calebfrare


"Really like the protein. It's really tasty!" @patrickschwarzenegger


"I'm in love with these little pouches before a workout!" @meghanungerphotography


"Liquid. Gold. Fantastic." @fifers3000


"So delicious!" @stealsdealsandmeals


"Just finished this as an AM one-handed snack - sooo good!" - @justjessieb


"This is so delicious that I ripped the package open and got out every last bit." @fromgoudatogreat


"I could live off of these" @jaclynhamric


"Woah these are so amazing and such a great protein-packed snack!!" @boundlessbykara


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4.63 Average

30 Reviews

Liz Stark

Richly flavorful, smooth, and conveniently packaged.


Obsessed. Eat one every day!

Liz Stark

Extremely rich and flavorful; smooth (not grainy) texture; bold, intoxicating macadamia & almond aroma; and easy to knead and squeeze from the convenient, single-serving packet!

Randy Dean

Kieran Bradshaw

Great. Tastes wonderful and filling

Allen Jones

These are fantastic for on the go and lunch boxes. The perfect amount in each pack and great taste no matter which one you get. A true winner for those who are following Keto or really any diet.


Fantastic, delicious!

Robby Harvey

Love the flavor and how I use it to break my fasts(16/8). Fits perfect for me bc new to the ketogenic lifestyle change I made, and only been a month in on keto. Can’t wait to try other flavors, but this is an awesome product.

Christopher McKenzie

Tastes like stale rancid almond butter even though well inside expiration date. Disappointing.

Hi Chris Thank you for your feedback. The Original flavor has a very particular taste because it is all Macadamia nuts. As a start-up we are always looking to improve and we appreciate you taking time time to give us feedback. Mike

Justin M Herrin-Knapp

Really just wasn’t a fan of the taste. Was looking forward to these, but they just aren’t for me I suppose.


I love the taste and it's perfect for Keto and so healthy! Thank you! Low in sat fats also!

Ronald Foster

Wonderful Tasting, Great Pick-Me-Up

Shannan Penna

The nuts are stale. Really need to check your stock... make sure they are fresh. They taste rancid and stale and as someone who has two businesses that deal in the nut world I speak from experience.

Hi there Thank you for the feedback. The Original is mostly Macadamia nuts and that can have a particular taste. As a start-up we are always looking for was to improve and appreciate your feedback Mike


Amazing. I have this one spread on a avacado or with a banana in the morning. And that’s it. Literally complete meal replacement not hungry again until lunch. I hope no one buys this so I can get more.





You can taste the quality of the ingredients, the macadamia adds a nice creamy texture!


It’s just so so so good! I think it might be my favorite flavor of all


Again its delicious.


These are the perfect size, I loved the flavor, the texture and the ease of eating it on the go!


This was my favorite !


Great quality ingredients, and great flavor!


Absolutely delicious!!!!! Had perfect amount of sweetener and was very creamy and satisfying .


It was delicious!



Awesome product! Works with my keto diet!



This was the first one I tried. It's very good. I added a couple of drops of monk fruit and called it brunch. It was very filling.


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