SuperFat COFFEE + MCT Nut Butter (Box of 10) – SuperFat - Amazing Nut Butters
SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)

SuperFat Coffee + MCT Nut Butter - (Box of 10)

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Almond and macadamia nut butter packed with plant-based fats, MCT, and coffee for bold and intense super fuel to support metabolism and brain function.

Think of it as a vegan butter coffee.

INGREDIENTS: Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, MCT Oil Powder, Freeze Dried Coffee, Erythritol, Cinnamon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)

Nutritional highlights
20g Plant-Based fats
8g Protein
5g Net carbs
5g Fiber
2g Sugars (no added sugars)




"Liquid. Gold. Fantastic." @fifers3000



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4.43 Average

14 Reviews

Joe Paul

The taste and texture of the product are good, as is the macro breakdown, but the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Regardless of whether you use the twist-off cap or tear off the top of the package, it is extremely difficult to get the SuperFat out of the package. I feel like some of the product is wasted because it does not come out easily or completely. Unless the packaging is improved significantly, this will, unfortunately, be my first and last order.

Sridhar Vasireddy

Good coffee taste. Too solid. Lot of wastage.

Kathy Travnicek

I love these pick me ups in mid morning at work!!!

David Grabovetsky

Tastes great. A little high for my Keto diet but that's my preference. I think the small tear to get at the insides is genious. Delivery was a great experience also


You guys have to find a way to package so that the consumer can get the last little bit out. Seeing the remaining little bit in the nozzle at the end of the squeeze is frustrating.


As a lover of anything coffee/coffee-flavored, I love Nitro Coffee Nut Butter + MCT. It tastes great, is gluten-free, and has the MCTs I need to address my health issues. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars is because I dislike the packaging. I think it's very wasteful and I don't feel I'm getting a good value, so I've resorted to cutting the bag and scooping out the product. This, in turn, makes consuming the product quite labor-intensive. While the packaging may be convenient for those taking this on the go, I don't like that the containers are single-use. While I enjoy the Nitro Coffee Nut Butter + MCT, I don't think I would purchase it as frequently as I would like to.

Kara Cox

Tom Rosedale

Great snack and love having a Nitro when I hit the wall each afternoon at 3:00. I handed a few out to some friends and this is one of our favorites. The packaging is great and all flavors are delicious (too delicious! -- I tend to eat too many).

Bill Behnke

Perfect! The easiest way to refuel while on the go or while busy at the office.

luigi ponzo

A great flavor and a spark of energy. I use it as a meal replacement and my type 1 diabetes is under better control now Thank you Superfat!


This is pretty darn tasty. It is a little bitter on first taste; but the macadamia and almond flavors mellow out the coffee nicely. It’s the perfect breakfast substitute; especially if you don’t even have time to brew a cup of coffee.

Brian Crum

Great taste, perfect for post workout. Be sure to rip the package at the top to get the last little bit out of the package. Also, I find that these are quite dense so I need to drink water as I eat it.

Jacob Dorsey

Great snack to have at work or on the go.


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