Here’s the skinny behind SuperFat

We want you to fuel your body right

Guilt-free snacking shouldn’t be hard. So why can’t you find a snack made from real food, that doesn’t taste like cardboard, and is certified by the most respected authorities in the business? Now you can.



Snacking guilt-free shouldn’t be rocket science. With SuperFat it isn’t:

100% Real, whole foods, 100% of the time

100% Real, whole foods, 100% of the time

All of our snacks come from real whole foods. Because your food should come from food. (What a concept!).
Jam-packed with nutrients. Because everything else is just junk

Jam-packed with nutrients. Because everything else is just junk

Countless other companies load their foods with fillers and binders. You’ll never find junk in our trunk. Just quality, clean ingredients that are easy to pronounce.
No sneaky labeling tricks

No sneaky labeling tricks

We never hide behind confusing labels or misleading ingredients. We don’t have to.
No added sugars — ever

No added sugars — ever

Seriously. Your body doesn’t want it — so we don’t pack it.
We’re real, and we’re spectacular

We’re real, and we’re spectacular

There isn’t anything artificial about us. No artificial colors. No artificial sweeteners. No artificial intelligence stealing your job.
To put it in a way our marketing team prefers:

We're just a low-carb snack, rigorously researched, tested and proven by science to make you feel and perform your best.


Meet David, our founder
(and recovering anti-fatter)

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle. I’m a serial entrepreneur, used to compete in Ironman triathlons, marathons, and endurance sports, and still make physical activity a centerpiece of my day. 

For years, I was desperate to find the perfect diet for my lifestyle. I tried Keto, Paleo, even vegan. I went all-in every time. But no matter the diet (or my level of commitment), I never saw the results I wanted.

I was shamed into thinking it was my fault. I wasn’t doing enough. For a while, I let that shame get to me. These diets are popular for a reason, right? Maybe it was my fault.

Fortunately, I was born with a bit of a stubborn streak. One day I decided to refuse to accept the blame. I knew I did everything each diet asked of me. I was committed, open-minded, and willing to make serious lifestyle changes. 

So, where was the disconnect? I set out to find the reason why I didn’t see the results I expected. 

It didn’t take me long to discover I wasn’t the only one struggling. There were (and still are) countless other people out there who had been tricked into starving their bodies of what turns out to be one of its most essential nutrients. 


Facts about fat

Fats help your body absorb key vitamins. They keep you feeling full. They prevent your blood sugar from spiking and crashing after you eat.

Oh, and by the way — fat fuels your body.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong. But don’t trust us. Trust science! (1).

Armed with this science, David set out to find the perfect food to fuel his busy lifestyle.

It didn’t exist (but you already knew that).

So he did what any entrepreneur would do. He took matters into his own hands — and SuperFat was born.

Fat isn’t bad for you.

That’s not our opinion. It’s science. (1)

So why do you think fat will, well, make you fat?

You’ve been lied to for years by Big Food, all so you’d buy into the latest low-fat diet fad (and products).

But don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The perfect snack to fit your diet lifestyle

Diets come and go. What works today might be taboo tomorrow. You know what doesn’t change? Science — and science has spoken. Fat is good. Fat is essential. Fat is here to stay.

But it isn’t always easy to know what kind of fat to add to your diet. That’s where SuperFat comes in.

We’re the snack you always loved to eat, but thought you had to give up to “be healthy.” Backed by science, proven to fuel your body naturally. We’re almost too good to be true.


SuperFat Culture… We’re humans

We have purpose and values. Not made up generic things that sound good.

Empowering change with fat


We’re driven by a cause, by a purpose, a belief.(#) We believe a simple change in how we view fat can change your life — and the world.

You can lose weight, gain muscle, and feel amazing. Doctors can treat obesity and Type-2 diabetes naturally.

We all can become the best versions of ourselves.

We know change can be hard — but it’s not always complicated. Sometimes you just have to cut through the fat.

How? The values we live by

Food is personal. That’s why we think it’s important for you to know not just what goes in your body — but who the people are behind the food you eat. Here’s what we stand for and how we live:

Figure it out

We see every challenge as an opportunity. No obstacle is too big to overcome.

Amazing experience, always

From how our snacks taste to our online resources, we never forget— experience matters.

Try anything

We never stop learning, experimenting, and discovering. Because the status quo was made to be smashed.

Scrappy, but smart

We’re a lean, passionate team that knows how to leverage our individual superpowers to build something greater than us all.


A high fat eater and founder of multiple companies, including Grasshopper, Chargify, Smilebar and SuperFat. David is the official taste tester at SuperFat.

Favorite high fat meal: Wild salmon, cauliflower rice, coconut oil


Siamak is the founder of multiple companies, including Grasshopper, Chargify, Smilebar, and SuperFat, as well as National Entrepreneurs' Day. Siamak is responsible for the overall brand direction of SuperFat. 

Favorite high fat meal: Chicken paillard, butter, arugula


Mike has worked in businesses ranging from  nuclear power plant operations, to food distribution.   Before SuperFat he ran customer acquisition at Grasshopper.  In his spare time he does full Ironman races every few years. Mike oversees the day to day operations of SuperFat. 

Favorite high fat meal: Grilled NY strip steak, cauliflower mash and green beans sautéed in garlic and olive oil.


Rachel is a passionate natural foods enthusiast and worked previously for brands ranging from chocolate bars to dried fruit.  She’s also a health nut and spends spare time hiking and biking in the hills of Boulder, CO. Rachel manages retail sales for SuperFat.

Favorite high fat meal: Spaghetti Carbonara, brussel sprouts fried with balsamic and bacon


Theresa has owned and operated several Amazon-focused E-commerce brands.  When not working, she enjoys rock climbing and cycling. Theresa leads SuperFat’s Amazon Channel and assists in new product expansion.

Favorite high fat meal: Oven Roasted Chicken with Sautéed Broccoli and Garlic Butter