SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)

SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Probiotics Nut Butter - (Box of 10)

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Macadamia nut butter packed with plant-based fats, MCT, and probiotics for deliciously creamy super fuel to support gut, metabolism, and brain function.

Packed with 500 MILLION Live & Active Cultures per serving!

We use high quality, patented GanedenBC30 probiotics. 
GanedenBC30 is an EXTREMELY stable probiotic due to the cell’s ability to form a protective spore. Just like plant seeds wait to grow until spring when the temperature and moisture levels are optimal, GanedenBC30 spores wait to germinate and grow until they reach the intestines where the conditions are just right. This protective shell also gives GanedenBC30 the ability to survive harsh manufacturing processes, product shelf life and finally, the journey through the digestive system – most other probiotics just can’t survive these stresses.

INGREDIENTS: Macadamia Nuts, MCT Oil Powder, Cinnamon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086 (Probiotic)

Nutritional highlights
31g Plant-Based fats
3g Net carbs
2g Sugars (no added sugars)
3g Protein
4g Fiber




"Just finished this as an AM one-handed snack - sooo good!" - @justjessieb

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4.71 Average

72 Reviews


Tasty! My favorite.. and goes well with my digestive system.

Roy Cohen

Brian De Groodt

Far and away my favorite Super Fat product.

Roy Cohen


Tony Berardo

I use to eat peanut butter but I realized there's barely any benefits. That's why I'm obsessed with these pouches and they're actually GOOD FOR YOU?! I love this MCT oil and probiotics flavor, taste better than PB!

Terrence Clark

Smooth taste. Thick of course. It’s fat after all.

Roy Cohen

Very satisfying. The ingredients make me feel better than before I drank it. I will keep eating this for many years.

Rebecca Ray

Perfect for breakfast while working

Victoria Hamilton

it tastes great though I find it too runny at summer room temperatures and very hard to mix and spread when it is winter time.

Roy Cohen

It is a pick up to me when I get to have the SuperFat Macadamia MCT + Nut Butter. It makes me feel better. Roy Cohen

Kim Weers

Great flavor, great taste, easy to carry in a car, backpack, purse or pocket while out past meal time doing errands. Can cut them open when home to get the last tidbits. Only downsize is too much non-recyclable packaging.

Gregory Lundy

Love this version of the nut butter. I’m on keto and it has MCT. I probably ordered 10xs already.

Joe Gaeta

Gives me mojo in the afternoon fats as fuel!

Michael McCartney


Nick Daniels

This was the 2nd flavor I tried. The macros are great, and it makes a great sweet snack between meals. Next time I’ll get the chocolate coconut one again. This flavor isn’t as good and it’s pretty oily.

Jared Wagner


The product is great, exactly as described.

Anna Rohrer

Smooth and creamy. This is one of my favorites! Love it before a gym session or after a long run to help replenish quickly if I’m in a hurry. Only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is the packaging. There is a substantial amount of nut butter left when you try to use the cap part so you have to tear it and risk a bit of a gooey mess to get every last drop! Because it’s so delicious and expensive you want to get it all out if possible!

Benjamin Shumaker

Not the best but pretty good for just getting some Probiotics in the system. The creamy texture and taste makes for good snack.

James Reynolds

High quality fat for solid energy and insanely good tasting. My favorite of the bunch.

Michelle Davis

This one is my favorite, hard to eat just one.

Roy Cohen

I enjoy the flavor of SuperFat. It feels good in my body.

Gayla Tregre

I really like this product. It is great with my keto diet. I also fast and when I really have to have something this does not really break my fast. I like the fact that this also has probiotics which are so beneficial to one's health. The taste is excellent and it is very satisfying. Thanks for great products.


Creamy and full flavor... Enjoyed it very much.


I've tried several different types of nut butters from multiple manufacturers. All I can say is NONE are anywhere near as good as this BRAND and in particular this exact flavor/product. The MCT makes is smoother and easier to consume and the flavor is spot on. I have at least 1 per day, it's low carb, ultra high in quality fats, a little protein. Simply perfect in every way.

Brian De Groodt

This is a brilliant product. Travels extremely well, hits the spot every time and is delicious. Can't say enough good things about it. Thank you!

Phyllis Roberts

Everything about this product is wonderful. I had a problem swallowing. Kept getting strangled . It was not the product. It is my age,my health problem .


Best tasting nut butter I've eaten

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