SuperFat Nut Butter VARIETY BOX (Box of 10) – SuperFat - Amazing Nut Butters
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)
SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)

SuperFat Nut Butter Variety Box - (Box of 10)

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Try all 5 SuperFat flavors in one box!

2 pouches of each flavor 


Simple and smooth. Macadamia, almond, and coconut butter.


Deliciously dark. Coconut, almond and macadamia butter + raw cacao.


Gut & brain support. Macadamia butter + MCT & probiotics (500 million active live cultures!)


Energy boost. Almond and macadamia butter + coffee and MCT.


Muscle support. Almond and macadamia butter + plant-based protein.





“These travel-friendly nut butter packages are packed with protein and good-for-you fats that are scientifically proven to be healthy. Snack guilt-free on the go” WOMENS'S HEALTH MAGAZINE


"We're very into this blend of plant protein, macadamia butter, and almond butter as a midday boost when we're eating low carb." BRIT+CO


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4.32 Average

140 Reviews

Scotti Lechuga

I love these! Not only are they super convenient for eating while I ride my bike, they also provide sustaining, healthy energy I need for endurance rides.

Henry Williams

All the varieties taste delicious, and they are perfect to throw in a bag (even a jeans pocket) on the go when you want something to nosh on. The consistency is smooth for most, but some flavors require a little kneading to mix through. Highly recommend.


The nut butters all taste amazing, are great for travel, etc. They are definitely one of the best tasting nut butters out there! The white plastic cap on the other hand is awful. It regularly leaks while kneading the separated nut butter (before opening) and nut butter gets stuck in it, so you never can finish a whole packet. I find myself tearing the packet to remove the white nozzle and get at the nut butter that way. It seems completely superfluous because its higher cost to SuperFat (read: customers) and has negative utility.


Jackie Jones

Great deal

Rudolph Cassol

frankie Hamburger

I have only tried a few of the flavors in the box, but they are so good! I really love the nut butter, though the packaging is a little tough to get everything out and it seems like a lot of packaging for not a lot of nut butter (the portioning is the right size for a snack for me though). I got using a promo code and I'm a little bummed because I don't think I can justify the price point, even though I really love the product. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for discounts - because I definitely want to order again.

rebecca basilio

Delicious and clean without any added fillers. Keto approved! Only thing I didn’t like was it hard to get out of the container. It would harden and I couldn’t suck it out so i had to cut my pouch open and spoon out for a few of them. Some of them were more liquid so I could suck it out but I still felt like I couldn’t get all of it out, seemed to be wasting some precious fat!

David Kovacs

I find them all quite tasty. Excellent addition to a ketogenic diet. Great on vegetables or make your own keto crackers.


Love all the flavors and combinations. Only issue is with the container -- it is very hard to get all of it out at the end.

Erica Martin

I love these! I got the variety pack and love all of them! They are easy to use and so yummy!

Chad Houston

The nut butters are just wonderful and sucking every last drop of nut butter out of the packaging reminds me of my summer in Thailand. God I miss that place. Highly recommend both!

Travis Foster

I thought the flavors were all really good. Little bit of a chore to get all of the contents but great little morning snack. I don’t think I will be able to keep up with the price however

John Stocking

Super tasty and has a super smooth texture. The perfect grab and go performance snack to get you through that busy work day.

John McGillion

These are great keto treats especially for when on the go. ... All of the flavors are tasty -- while, if I have to choose a favorite, it may have to be Cacao Coconut. It's Superfat! Need I say more? ...

Georgette Preysberg

Fantastic product! The only wish I have is for a better packaging for easier access!


Tasty, quick, and filling! Now my only problem is complying with the keto diet for the rest of the day.

Carolyn Strawn

Yum, I got the variety box and I love them all. They are delicious. I loved having my peanut butter before I started keto. Now I have Super Fat that taste just as good and better. Umm Yum, Yum.

Michael Miro

I'm happy with the product. If you could scale to the point where you could charge $3 per unit, I would buy regularly.

Kristen Hoff

This was my first SuperFat purchase - only a little over half-way through it and I've already ordered a second. All great tasting, high quality, and have the nutrition I am looking for, especially around my workouts. The only thing that could make it better would be a way to get the rest of the nut butter out of the tube... I've been cutting it open to do so.


This was my first order and I enjoy all of the flavors. My favorite is the Superfat Nut Butter Cacao Coconut. These a perfect for ramping up my fat intake for the ketogenic diet.

Rebecca Hager

This stuff is great; I was hesitant because of the price, but unfortunately it's worth every penny. I'm on my 3rd box.

Cathy Whitney

Good to try them out


There's a price to pay for portion-control

Joe Vanden Brink

Really great product!! I love the irony of the name SuperFat while I'm using it to curb appetite, take in quality fats and proteins, and Lose Weight. They should name it ShredFat. But maybe that sounds gimmicky. Either way, definitely get these in your arsenal and effort to improve your health, diet, and overall well being.

Conor Millstein

Keeps me fueled for hours. Easy to store and carry on the go. Always getting compliments on the packaging lol...

Patrick Berry

Great on the go snack. I'm type 1 diabetic and I don't always have a great choice of snacks available to me when I'm out and about, so these have made a great addition to my diet. The variety is nice if you want to get a good sense of which ones you want more of, but it's probably the ones with chocolate or coffee ;)

Joseph Maggio

I love it so far. Tastes great and all the flavors satisfy me. My only slight gripe would be that I feel I’m not able to squeeze everything out of it so that’s a bit disappointing. Maybe it’s my hand strength that really needs work??

Roderick Barreda

Just buy it. It's really good!

Gilberto A. Garcia

I love the variety. I like the product straight out of the tube. I enjoy half the tube prior to going to the gym and them the other half after. I enjoy all the flavors, but enjoy the Macadamia with MCT+probiotics the best. A very enjoyable product

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