SuperFat Cacao Coconut Nut Butter Bundle (50 pouches)
SuperFat Cacao Coconut Nut Butter Bundle (50 pouches)
SuperFat Cacao Coconut Nut Butter Bundle (50 pouches)

SuperFat Cacao Coconut Nut Butter Bundle (50 pouches)

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Cacao, coconut, almond, and macadamia nut butter packed with plant-based fats for deliciously dark super fuel to support metabolism and brain function. Try our chocolate almond butter today and satisfy your brain and your taste buds.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Butter, Almonds, Erythritol, Cacao Powder, Macadamia Nuts, Cinnamon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)

Nutritional highlights
22g Plant-based fats
3g Net Carbs
2g Sugars (no added sugar)
5g Protein
6g Fiber



"This is so delicious that I ripped the package open and got out every last bit." @fromgoudatogreat


"I could live off of these" @jaclynhamric 

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67 Reviews


my husband has Stage 4 cancer, and must have a little bit of food with a number of his meds. The SuperFat Cacao Coconut is a big win! It isn't too runny, no caffeine (this is critical for his meds), and tastes delicious. Although that's the main reason we got this product, I can tell you it tastes great on toast, too ;-)

Virginia Weiser

Great taste and texture. Perfect for a clean snack on the go.

Asher Bergman

Great taste and undeniably convenient, however a good amount of the nut butter gets stuck at the bottom forcing you to tear open the package to get to it.

Mary Fiedorczyk

I LOVE this stuff!! The taste is so chocolatey sweet, the consistency has a lil crunch and it kicks up my fat macros great! I will be reordering. Thank you!

Keri Arnold

Nancy Lebovitz

I like it, even though I ordered it by accident. I meant to get a variety pack. Two general points-- how well the oil and nut butter is mixed varies a lot. I prefer them well mixed. Where the slit on the side is has a large effect on how easy it is to tear the pouch open and get at all the nut butter. A lot of the time, the slit is too high and it's difficult to open the pouch-- sometimes I need to use a scissors. A small difference (an eight of an inch or less, I think) can have a large effect. I do like the butters, though.


Great nutrition, taste and packaging. Perfect for a quick, healthy snack at work or in the mountains. Lots of calories taking up small volume in your pack.

Constance Morales

o.m.g.....can we say YUM!!

luigi ponzo

Absolutely amazing flavor. The right balance between texture and fluidity. Very beneficial for my type 1 diabetes ( blood sugar greatly stabilized ). Astonishing customer support I love these guys!


Delicious every time! Love this nut butter!!!!

Glenn Charles

Gil Garcia

I truly enjoy the product and I would have given it a higher rating if not for a few small items. 1. The packaging though cool waste product. I cut along the area where the notch is to squeeze out all the tasty goodness. Could you work on that please. 2. When the product is cold I have to good through extra effort to make it pliable enough to enjoy. Such hack as placing in hot water, on top of the car visor, under my armpit (least favorite), and you suggestion kneading, kneading, and kneading. Good finger exercise, but I do not think that was your intent. I enjoy the flavor and consistency and enjoy Cacao Almond the most.

Constance Morales

I'm loving this! What a super easy snack or energy bump!!

Diane Numark

Cheers to SuperFat! We added this AWESOME product to the Goodie Bag for Client Appreciation Day at BarreWorks Studio in Redondo Beach! It was a huge hit and the perfect healthy compliment to our Hardcore Workout! Thanks so much for being "super fun!"



Alexa Cabrera

So tasty! Keeps me full all morning and gives me a ton of energy. Satisfies my “sweet” craving in the morning without the sugar. Love it!

Jennifer Downs

Loved these! Took them on a backpacking trip as a quick snack and they were delicious and perfect!

Zachary Myers

My favorite flavor of superfat by far! I'd give it a 10/10 on everything regarding this product. It's delicious.


I love the cocoa coconut flavor the best. For those of us who are chocolate lovers, I can almost pretend this is a dessert.




Love it

Karen J Hooper

Cathy Woofter

My favorite flavor! Sits nicely on my desk while I use it for my afternoon intake of fat. I'm not ashamed to say that I take my scissors and cut open the packet to make sure that I get every last drop! :)


Kathy Travnicek

Brent Hagood

Doing Vegetarian Keto makes it extremely difficult to find snacks to take with me on the go. A friend turned me onto Super Fat and it is now my goto Snack on the run. They fit perfectly in my pocket and are absolutely delicious. The Cacao Coconut also makes a great dessert for anyone with a sweet tooth - it is magical. I had a small issue and the staff at Super Fat is super friendly and offers incredible customer service. Thank you Super Fat - Love you guys!

Michael Leach

Tastes awesome


Super convenient to have on hand aaa snack when needed. Delicious flavor!!

Susan Westbrook

Don’t leave home without it

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