SuperFat Protein Nut Butter Bundle (50 Pouches)
SuperFat Protein Nut Butter Bundle (50 Pouches)
SuperFat Protein Nut Butter Bundle (50 Pouches)

SuperFat Protein Nut Butter Bundle (50 Pouches)

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Almond and macadamia nut butter packed with plant-based fats and protein for deliciously thick super fuel to support muscles, metabolism, and brain function.

INGREDIENTS: Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Sunflower Protein Powder, Erythritol, Cinnamon, Pink Himalayan Salt, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)

Nutritional highlights
21g Plant-Based fats
4g Net carbs
2g Sugars (no added sugars)
9g Protein
5g Fiber




"SuperFat nut butters are amazing! I use them post workouts and during the game. I take them everywhere!" @calebfrare


"Really like the protein. It's really tasty!" @patrickschwarzenegger


"I'm in love with these little pouches before a workout!" @meghanungerphotography


"Woah these are so amazing and such a great protein-packed snack!!" @boundlessbykara



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do your nut butters have more protein than peanut butter or almond butter?
Answer: Yes and no. This product does have more grams of protein per serving than many natural peanut butter and almond butter products available on the market, but there are some which have an equal amount of protein to our product.

Question: Can I use your higher protein nut butter in other products?
Answer: Yes! You can mix our product into many other baked goods to enhance the nutritional value while still satisfying your sweet tooth: mix us into birthday cakes, cupcakes, brownies, and more! For 40 recipe ideas click here.

Question: What nuts do you use in your protein nut butter?
Answer: We primarily use macadamia nuts and almonds. We do not use nuts like hazelnuts, cashews, or other tree nuts.

Question: How can I combine your nut butter in my snacks?
Answer: We've got a few resources with snack ideas, some with our nut butters and some without. With nut butters we've highlighted some healthy snacks, and also featured 24 keto snacks without nut butters. They include options like smoothies, high protein snacks like protein bars, dessert ideas, and even some items that may tick your salty receptors too!

Question: Are there health benefits to your ingredients?
Answer: Yes! We've covered the health benefits of several items here: macadamia nuts, almonds, cinnamon, & pink Himalayan salt. We're also providing healthy fats.

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4.77 Average

53 Reviews

Geoffrey Johnson

Awesome flavor and texture. Great for on the go or whenever

Greg Aiello

delicious and convenient . . . would def buy more if the price came down, a little pricey, but amazing


My go to for pre workout. So delicious


Great nutrition, taste and packaging. Perfect for a quick, healthy snack at work or in the mountains. Lots of calories taking up small volume in your pack.

Soushiant Zanganehpour

The quality of the product is very high. I've blind-tasted SuperFat against store-bought organic peanut butters and even Jiffy, just for fun, and the taste difference is very noticeable. However, consuming the nut butters from the squeeze packs is a very messy and inefficient process, which leaves you a bit annoyed. All of the butters I've tried except for the Cocao Coconut do not fully excrete from the tubes. You probably get 75% of the content out just by squeezing, then if you're keen to get your full value or if you hate waste (both of which I am guilty of), you have to take scissors to the packs and cut into them so you can scoop the remains of the butters with your index finger. The product is very high quality but the dispensor needs some work.

Glenn Charles

My favorite of all the flavors, although I must say, I like them all.

George Desser

These SuperFat Nut Butters are very tasty with an excellent texture. They have the taste and feel of Natural nut butters freshly ground. Not too smooth, not chunky, but just right. The flavor pops. And they are very easy to use. I carry them in a back pocket when on bike rides, or in my backpack when on a hike. So good I just placed my second order.

Rodger LaBrash

Great stuff, good for that mid day boost!


Loved them

Valerie Blaydes

Tasty—you can taste the cinnamon and sweetness there.

Charles Barmore

Love it. Perfect on the go. Often times I spread this on a rice cake to break my fast. The healthy fats and protein keep me satiated until my next larger meal. 5/5 - highly recommend

Zachary Myers

It's awesome. My #2 favorite behind the cacao coconut. Super low net carbs and super bomb taste!!!

David Moffett

This is the heartiest of the 3 flavors I tried. The Cacao Coconut and Mac and Coco were a little runnier, but the richness in all was great. The ingredients are exceptional and combined to be quite flavorful and satisfying.However I have three issues that taint a systematic subscription: 1-$ a bit much for the amount,2- the amount for the cost- a few more ounces would be ideal, 3-the containers- I'm ripping them all to get what I remains. I'm guessing you have heard them all before. I do love the Fats and I do Love the taste AND ingredients.


I'd rate the great taste a 5/5 but the packaging is a truly frustrating 2/5.

Debbie Simmons

Super delish. A great snack on the go. I’m gluten free and often times struggle to find food to eat when I’m in a hurry and haven’t planned accordingly. . I throw these in my purse w a banana and I’m good to go.

Zachary Myers

Tastes delicious!!! Best of the but butter world!



Marcel Nienhuis


The only thing that makes it lower is the cost. But you have to pay for good products

Michael Leach

I wish the protein content was a little higher, but still a great product

Tamara Fraser

I absolutely love this!! I love the creamy texture and taste. So good on fruit, in my oatmeal or just straight out of the package. Very satisfying. I've already gone through 6 boxes. I love this when I need a little extra protein and I'm on the go.


I do intermittent fasting, and after a long day SupeFat helps to ease back into meals and curb my sweet tooth.

Bryan Lee

Our FAVORITE Superfat of them all! Not too sweet, great consistency, and all around awesome, wholesome, tasty, nutty goodness. We stocked up recently so that we could have a Superfat after workouts, and you know we had to double up on the High Protein flavor. This is the GO-TO fuel after hitting the gym and when we're on the move! Keep it coming, Superfat!

Tom Rosedale

This is my favorite. It's a great snack and also great for energy after a workout. Where can I buy a 50 gallon drum of this?


Delicious overall. I wish the plastic top did not exist and it was just a tear pouch and you could get all the product out of the top. My dog likes to chew the top and get the rest out. It's great portion control instead of carrying around a jar of almond butter and eating all of it by accident but it's also 3x's the price for that convenience.

Brad Smedberg

absolutely LOVE these!! so simple, tasty and filling. easy to throw into my bag and have for a snack when needed with no sugar added.

luigi ponzo

Amazing flavor. It is helping controlling my type1 diabetes a lot Highly recommended

James Washer

Tasty and convenient.


These are a lifesaver for working on the road!! I have to travel a lot and often have long demanding days where I don’t have access to food that fits my dietary restrictions. Now I can just pack a SuperFat packet in my purse and I know I’m good. This has honestly really helped solve a painpoint in my life. Thank you! Please keep making these!!!

Michael Gerber

Flavor is great. Packaging sucks! Lose a lot of the nut butter unless ur prepared to go digging and rip it apart

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